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The Advantages of Slatwall Accessories for Your Store

At UK Shopfittings, we know that one of the most important aspects of managing a successful retail store is in finding the best organisation of your space, creating an environment where your products are displayed as effectively as possible, while making sure your customers have plenty of space to walk around the store, browsing at their leisure.

The most effective way by far to achieve this is by using slatwalls and slatwall accessories. But why are they the best solution?

What is a Slatwall?

Slatwalls are a sort of wall panelling, composed of sets of durable acrylic slats, into which you can slot a range of accessories in any configuration you like. These slat wall accessories include hooks to display your products directly, shelving or boxes which can neatly and accurately display your products to potential customers, saving space and transforming dead wall space into valuable retail real estate.


Use an acrylic display to make your shop more endearing and exciting! Who’s to say that you cannot unleash your imagination and creativity to make your shop more decorative and sophisticated?

Because of the versatility of a retail space which can transform quickly, easily and cheaply, slatwalls are perfect for helping your store adapt to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of retail. The slatwall accessories available from UK Shopfittings are almost all-encompassing in their variation, and include specialist slat wall accessories for displaying specific products, such as golf clubs.

As well as this, slat wall accessories have the following advantages:


The main advantage to using slatwalls and slatwall accessories to display your wares is in the ease and practicality which they bring to you. With slatwalls, every part of your store walls can be converted into retail display, and your products can be shown off with maximum effect. Slat wall accessories improve this success further by giving you a space-efficient and adaptable way to display your products. They can be easily stored when not in use, and can be moved around as necessary – it’s as simple as picking them up and moving them to another section of slatwall!


The second major advantage of slatwall accessories is the incredible variation in their forms and functions. Each of them is designed to display your products, of course, but just like the products themselves have a huge amount of variety, so too do the ways in which they should be displayed. Some are best seen on hooks, others on shelves. Still more will need an individual stand, as seen with shoes and hats, while clothes racks work best as a sort of descending “waterfall” or hanging from a display ring… the possibilities for your product displays are almost endless, and so are the variations of slatwall accessories available from UK Shopfittings!


The slatwall accessories available from UK Shopfittings are not only adaptable and easy to use – they are also a very cost-effective way to set up a retail display. Inexpensive and long-lasting, these slat wall accessories represent a small initial investment and will not need much maintenance or upkeep to stay effective for a very long time. After all, made from metal or acrylic, these accessories are designed to be tough, easy to keep clean, and easy to replace if something should be damaged. They are easy to store, allowing you to change your displays as necessary, and ultimately present a very cost-effective way to present your store! For more information on slatwalls and slat wall accessories, get in touch with UK Shopfittings on 01704 565341 or use the contact form on this website!